School enjoys an enviable reputation for providing quality pre-primary education. The scope of the school includes Nursery, LKG and UKG classes. School has an impressive infrastructure in terms of classrooms and play equipment and all associated amenities. It is well known that the formative years on which foundation of an adult human is laid are the very initial years: right from birth to about six years of age. During this time the child absorbs everything in the environment around them in a specific and detailed way. Young children are "little scientists." They are curious about the world and seek to explore their surroundings. Specifically designed curriculum promotes early learning, curiosity and also prepares the young children to confidently take on the rigors of primary education later.

Our Facilities

  • Sand pit
  • Music and Dance room
  • Splash pool
  • Traffic island
  • Interactive room with a smart board
  • Library
  • Activity room
  • Mini Zoo
  • Bumper Bouncer
  • Cycles for little ones
  • Teachers' resource centre
  • Skates and Skating rink
  • Slide complex – The fun castle
  • Gross Motor Development Room
  • Trampoline for little ones